• PT. NS Bluescope Indonesia
  • PT. Saranacentral Bajatama, Tbk
  • PT. Sunrise Steel

Indonesia Zinc-Alumunium Steel Industries (IZASI) is an association established by three coated steel industries in Indonesia, PT. NS Bluescope Indonesia, PT. Saranacentral Bajatama, Tbk, and PT. Sunrise Steel as founders and producers of Aluminium-Zinc Coated Steel Sheet in 2013. The members holds more than 1,200 people directly and indirectly over 24,000 people. The Aluminium-Zinc Coated Steel Sheet can be applied for basic material constructions such as building, construction, household, shipbuilding, automotive, other transportation modes, and etc.



A sustainable Indonesia's coated steel industry strategically positioned for growth and innovation and as a leader in Indoensia and ASEAN market.


  • Advocacy

    Support to advocate the government policy to steel industry, especially that create impact and issues to the coated steel industry.

  • Education

    Educate all stakeholders in the importance of in-country coated steel industry in order to strengthen the national and economic growth.

  • Green Industry

    Improve the green industry standard in regarding coated steel operations; i.e. energy efficiency and environmental management.

  • Promotion

    Promote the competitive use of coated steel in Indonesia and the technological advances in which create health and safety of its workspace and environment.

  • Networking

    Link to other industry associations, both national and regional.


  • Seek government action to support, strengthen and develop the Indonesia's coated steel industry

  • Educate public about zinc-alumunium steel as a material of choice in construction application and manufacturing to expand markets for steel

  • Raise awareness about steel producer capability to produce green product that can be recycled, to be able to contribute to reduce world gas emission